Thursday, 4 August 2011

Refresh your mind with exercise..

Question 1 - 5. (greeting people)

1. How to say goodbye?

2. How to expressing pleasure to have meet someone?

3. How to introduce someone else?

4. How to introduce ourself?

5. How to returning the compliment?

Question 6-10. (article)

6. ____ pen is in the pencil box.

7. Aishah put ___ apple on the table.

8. I am ____ English teacher.

9.  My dad brought ____ big cat from Italy.

10. I saw ___ elephant this morning.


  1. 1) hey dude, see ya later! Mmuahhx.
    2) its very great to know u. U r so cool!
    3) hey, this is my ___.
    4) hi, I'm Fatihah. and u?
    5) thanks for that.U've just made my day. U r great too!

    P/s: i answered the upper quests only, That's how i meet people. Sorry it wasn't kinda proper ways yet not rude.

  2. fatihah dear: sorry late for responding your comment here..agreed with ur long as it not rude,for me it's ok.:)